Kitchener’s Bar – Johannesburg

One of Jo’burg’s oldest heritage buildings, Kitchener’s Carvery Bar is situated in the bustling central node of Braamfontein – home to WITS University, and a range of restaurants, businesses and nightlife.

As the name suggests, Kitchener’s is a survivor of a bygone era, now reclaimed and hosting a wide variety of live music, parties, projects and events that reflect the vibrant and diverse cultural cooking pot of Johannesburg.

This mural was commissioned with the intention of activating the walls and giving Kitchener’s a new skin. A selection of stencils and colours were used to write the colourful glyphs and symbols that cover the building, each placed and painted by the artist. The design was ad-libbed step by step, as a kind of hieroglyphic message of protection and peace to the street.