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Video remains a medium where Mathroom’s music and visual elements are combined. Mathroom videos consists of both filmed and found video fragments. Each project with its own theme and feel, with particular interest in the way rapid-fire stop frame sequences can relay large doses of information in distilled moments. Surf below to watch some of the amazing Mathroom videos.

Angel Album / Cognoscenti

The Angel EP was released as a series of videos that string together as the video component of the Cognoscenti exhibition at TMRW Gallery in Johannesburg, in August 2020. The show consisted of drawings, paintings and the Angel project. Exploring and remixing biblical themes of the origin story, knowledge, technology, human nature to name a few.


“Telepathy” was released as a single and video in 2020. It explores the idea of our ability to express language without words, and possibly do so in telepathic ways. For a more details insight into this project, please visit the Press page for an interview and writeup. The track and video are also available on the Music page.


This is a short film. Filmed in Egypt in 2019. Inspired by the history, textures, and the joy of sharing travel with a loved one.

Vapour Trails

Made in LA in 2019, a spacey trip through the Sierra mountains. “Vapour Trails” taken from the Daywalker EP, created at the ESXLA residency in Los Angeles.

God Mode

A lot of people grew up playing the legendary DOS game Doom. It made an impression. This musical tribute is the whole of the first Doom. Its seven levels compressed into 2 minutes. With “God Mode” featured on the KO Flights Album released with Subterranean Wavelength label in 2019.

Free Hands

Filmed and cooked up at home leaving some strange smells in the room, this is the first Mathroom video (Premath at the time). From the Spirit Level album, released with Johannesburg based label Subterranean Wavelength in 2017. Check it out on the Music page.